Founded in 1887, Capital Machine pledged an unwavering commitment to engineering, product innovation, and excellence.  Louis F. Koss Sr. invented and patented the first vertical veneer slicer in 1903. Louis F. Koss Sr. had many innovations some which changed the face of the veneer industry, such as;

  • Adjustable Pressure Bar (1897)
  • Vertical Veneer Slicer (1904)
  • Automatic Knife Bar Offset (1905)


Louis F. Koss Jr. took over in 1947. His contributions were many of the early innovations and lists of "first in industry", which include;

  • Veneer Machine Knife Clamps (1932)
  • Variable Speed Drive Mechanism (1933)
  • Hydraulic Dogging of Flitches (1937)
  • Knife Rocking Mechanism (1942)
  • Stellite© Pressure Bars (1950)
  • Hydraulic Control of Veneer Machines (1952)


Louis Jack Koss took the mantle of President in 1963. As President he took his keen sense of mechanical engineering and business to innovate some of the most advanced technologies of his time, including;

  • Stainres© Slicer Knives (1963)
  • Knife Pre-Heating (1967)
  • Constant temperature knife bar and Pressure Cap (1969)
  • Distortion Free Knife Bar and Pressure Cap (1969)
  • Automatic Remote controlled extension dogging of flitches (1970)
  • Recirculating Ball Bearing Feed Screws (1979)
  • Hydraulic Flitch Pushers (1983)
  • Any many more...



2017: The 5th generation President Clayton Homann is taking Capital into the future.